Registrations for CodeFest '20 are now open. Don't forget to register until the 3rd of April, 2020!

Different than before, participants can register to CodeFest 2020 either as a workshop participant or a contestant. If you want to come to CodeFest only as a workshop participant, you have to fill the Workshop Participant Registration Form.

Contestants can join both the workshops and the contests. The maximum number of teams a school can send is 3. Each team can consist of 1 to 3 members. All team members have to pay a registration fee to compete. The maximum number of contestant teams is 60. Priority will be given to teams that have applied earlier and that are more crowded. Contest registrations are now open. Please don’t pay the fee until your application is verified.

Each contestant must pay a fee of 10 Euros. We have to request this fee in order to cover financial expenses and to maintain the sustainability of the contest in the future.


Team members can either pay from a single account, or each member can pay his/her own fee from different accounts.


Please make sure the description of the transaction is [TEAM NAME] - CF BAGIS.


After completing the transaction, the receipts have to be mailed to with the NAME AND SURNAME - ID NUMBER of the person who did the transaction. Otherwise your registrations will not be completed. We need these information of the person who sent the fees in order to write the necessary receipts.


You can take your receipts from the registration desks on the first day of the organization. 


It is crucial that the Account Name is entered exactly as stated below in order not to have any problems.

IMPORTANT: In order to ensure the sustainibility of our organization, any demands relating to the payments (refunds, changes, etc.) will not be answered after the 20th of April, 2020.

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